Danylle's Boudoir Session | New Hampshire Boudoir Photographer

Hi there! Welcome to the boudoir blog! This is where I'll be posting about my boudoir shoots from now on (and see my past boudoir blog posts here as well).  I was recently lucky to photograph Danylle, a fantastic makeup artist I have been working with. She shared with me a wonderful testimonial of the transformative nature of photography. I want to come out of a shoot knowing that I have perhaps taken the best photographs my clients have ever seen of themselves. It's all about celebrating womanhood! I asked her to put her experience into words so I can share it with you. I'll let her photographs and her words speak now. 

I was lucky enough to be photographed by Karisa, I have admired her gallery of work and the beauty of her images. Karisa made me feel at ease, there was giggling and laughing, taking any nervousness away. When she sent me the images, it didn’t look like me. Somewhere in the middle of my life, I had misplaced a part of my whole. My everyday role as a Mother and Wife had slowly covered that sparkle I once had.  I saw it again in her photographs. I remembered myself. She helped me find an openness and acceptance that happens after 40, I am so pleased she captured that moment for me. - Danylle

Boudoir Shoot | New Hampshire Boudoir Photographer

I have been working hard on my boudoir game recently. These photos are from a shoot I did in October. I have a great studio set up in New Hampshire and I'm dying to use it more. There are just so many things I want to try! 

Don't you just love dreamy backlit photos? I know I do. 

Hope you enjoyed! Now go forth and feel amazing! 

Soft Tule Boudoir Shoot | New Jersey Boudoir and Glamour Photographer

Hey all! 

I have an announcement to make: I will be in New Hampshire starting in September! Being a solid born-and-raised Westerner that has never lived east of the Rockies, this will be a new experience that I am extremely excited for. For those of you in New Hampshire, I'm looking forward to making magic with you. 

Without further adieu, here is the rest of the tule shoot as promised. 

Sneak Peak

For those you didn't see this on Facebook, this is for you! I have finally gotten settled in in California with my new stylus and I'm so excited to finish these photos from the shoot! Editing them now! 


Salt Lake Boudior Shoot Sneek Peak

Hi all! I am really excited about the shoot I did this weekend. Another photographer and I had the privilege to host a boudoir shoot with some up-and-coming models. Kinzie in the picture was such a great model (and I loved her makeup - she did it herself!) and the space in which we shot was wonderful - it was the Photo Collective Studios in Salt Lake. Their natural light loft is well-lit by the beautiful windows, and has some gorgeous hardwood floors and brick walls. Contact me if you want to shoot with me there! Boudoir shoots are such fun - I'm excited to do more in the future! Here's a sneak peek of the shoot.