Seasonal Family Photos

Hope everyone is having a great holiday season! Things have been busy over here but unfortunately there are not a lot of recent sessions I can share! So here's some photos I took of my family and I recently. 

Fall is here!

Fall is so ephemeral! Already it seems the leaves have mostly vacated their trees and the bright leaves are starting to fade. It is truly a special time of year! I have been thinking often recently about appreciating the ephemeral, fall-like moments. Briar and I spent some time playing in the leaves last week, and ended up capturing a photo I'll probably cherish forever. I want to share it with you! Here it is. I just can't get enough of her.

Photo Journal - Apple Picking at Butternut Farm

With fall come apples, pumpkins, pumpkin spice, cool weather and colorful leaves! It is a photographer's dream. Moving to New Hampshire and being newly here at the turn of fall has been quite exciting! Last week, my daughter and I picked apples at a local farm and she insisted on doing all the picking all the apples herself. She's growing up too fast! Locations like this are perfect for lifestyle/candid photos like the ones below. 

Fall is the perfect time to shoot, especially if you are looking for some beautiful photos to send with Christmas cards. If you are in the Southern New Hampshire area looking for family portraits, let me know! 

Communal Restaurant Review for!

Hi all! I am a little late posting this here, but I am very excited about this one. I have the pleasure of eating at and photographing the restaurant Communal in downtown historic Provo. What is Communal, you might ask? Well, this article written by the lovely ladies of the Mumsy Blog will tell you all about it! Included is an interview with the creator of Communal. We need more restaurants like this in Utah! 

Here's some of my favorite photographs from it: 



You can see the full review and pictures of the delicious food we tried here

Fall Senior Portraits | Utah Valley Portrait Photographer

I hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving and Christmas! I know I did. My husband and I's families are in Sacramento, California, and they both came up to see us on Thanksgiving! Christmas here was a little bit more relaxed as we had a couple of friends over and stayed in Provo and enjoyed our white Christmas. My littlest sibling is a senior in high school now! We snuck in some time to take her senior portraits while she was here at Bicentennial Park. That place is a great park for shooting. It even has a duck pond! Hope you enjoy these pictures. 

Antelope Island Bridal Shoot!

I had a lot of fun on Antelope Island this fall doing a stylized Bridal Shoot with Fernanda and another photographer, Jessica Davies. Never been to Antelope Island? I highly recommend it! I would love to shoot some more portraits there again, especially in the winter. Enjoy my favorites from the shoot! 

Mumsy Blog Shout-Out!

Today I have been featured in The Mumsy Blog, a great blog for women/moms based in Provo. We had a great time doing this mermaid themed photo shoot of one of the blogger's daughters at Utah lake! Check out the blog post  and the rest of the photos here: